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Boosts Hiring Productivity, Slashes Costs

New Audio Technology Accelerates Search, Screen and Selection of Job Candidates

PR Newswire

NASHUA, N.H., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ — GoldenWare announces NirvanaJobs, an innovative audio technology that improves the hiring process, while offering tremendous cost savings. Employers can voice record or type in questions to create a computer generated voice. The account holder is given a unique phone number and code, plus the ability to create a link allowing for  advertising in any print or electronic media. Applicants click the link or call the number and enter the code to answer the interview questions. Hiring managers can rapidly screen the recorded responses at their convenience.

With NirvanaJobs, the time and tedium spent screening pools of candidates can be efficiently in-sourced, and prospective employees can be quickly vetted within the organization, eliminating bottlenecks. University-based research has shown that first impressions, including hiring decisions, are often formed within the very first minute of contact. Therefore, each 30-minute screening interview (conducted in-person, telephone or teleconference) potentially contains 29 minutes of lost productivity. First contact via NirvanaJobs audio technology allows for effective assessment of not just experience, but confidence, communication skills, multi-lingual proficiencies and more.

“We initially created NirvanaJobs to help with our internal hiring process,” says Matt Goldworm, CEO of GoldenWare . “It quickly produced good quality candidates with ease and a small incremental effort on our part.  It worked so well for our own company that we decided we had to market it!”

NirvanaJobs advantages include:

  • Speed NirvanaJobs allows speedy review of candidates, screening files quickly to identify the best candidates. Candidates can be screened in short blocks of time, or even spare minutes in the manager’s schedule.
  • Time Shifting – No need to schedule appointments, adjust for time zones or even vast global time differences that create awkward interview schedules. Scheduled interviews (in-person, phone or teleconference) can be reserved for next-round candidates.
  • Portability – The candidate chooses when and where to record their interview, and the hiring manager can review the interviews, via web or data files, at work, home or in transit.
  • Wide Net – Some positions may require many applicants, or a wide geographic pool to find the perfect hire.  NirvanaJobs facilitates casting a wide net to “mine for gold” by making it easier to publish the interview to a wider audience, and quicker to review a large volume of responses.
  • Sharing & Feedback – Successful candidate interviews can be bundled and e-mailed for feedback from other key staff – extremely efficient when multiple people are involved in the hiring process.
  • In-Sourcing – Smaller and leaner organizations may not have dedicated human resource staff.  NirvanaJobs allows this function to be efficiently managed in-house, saving on staffing and consultant fees.

For more details, visit, or email To speak to a salesperson, please call 603-206-0077.

Hire at the Speed of Sound

GoldenWare has 15+ years of experience in creating secure, accurate, and timely client-branded web technology. GoldenWare Travel Technology (GTT) is the industry leader in the secure delivery of flight schedule data and a trusted partner for many of the world’s largest travel corporations, including American Express, American Airlines, United, Lufthansa, Singapore, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam. GTT delivers airline passenger schedules to a full spectrum of consumer devices, in a  “private label” format seamlessly integrated into the customer’s website, while maintaining a consistent brand image. GoldenWare also incubates innovative business solutions that serve corporate clients and consumers. NirvanaJobs is an interview and screening technology that allows companies to cut through hiring roadblocks and fill jobs at the speed of sound. Dial-Safe creates intermediary phone services between individual or group callers while shielding the private information of the callers. SoniCheck offers the ability to integrate and private label the functions of Dial-Safe and NirvanaJobs.

Contact: Danika Duncan, +1 603-206-1855



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