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Tool Speeds Hiring Search

Nashua Telegraph: Sunday, September 5, 2010



A Nashua-based startup has developed a product it claims will accelerate searching, screening and selection of prospective employees.

NirvanaJobs, a newly released audio/Internet technology, will allow employers to review maximal amounts of applicants in minimal amounts of time, boosting hiring productivity and cost saving at one go, according to GoldenWare, the company that spawned NirvanaJobs.

“It’s funny how much you can tell by hearing someone’s voice,” said Matt Goldworm, CEO of GoldenWare, which provides client-branded web technology to airlines.

Eliminating such pests as phone tag and awkward interpersonal moments, NirvanaJobs will give managers the ability to hone in on the most suitable candidates without having to burn valuable time on the rest.

The company said its product will make strides against lost productivity and talent drain.

NirvanaJobs is easy to use as 1-2-3, its developers say. Job seekers simply click a URL that can be posted on Craigslist or any online forum.

“At that point, they can upload their resume, type in their name, contact information and their phone number,” Goldworm said. “When they click the start button, it calls them, and begins an interview process.”

The interviewee is then asked a series of questions the employer has prerecorded.

“When the applicant submits the final interview, it appears as an e-mail and on a web page of the employer … No tech knowledge required at all, either for the employer or job seeker,” Goldworm said.

Lastly, the employer will receive a single e-mail containing the contact information of the applicant, as well as a resume and audio file.

NirvanaJobs offers a range of options, facilitating in-sourcing, offering portability and allowing hirers to share interviews with colleagues in order to provide feedback to one another.

The engineers at GoldenWare Travel Technologies initially created the technology used in NirvanaJobs for in-house use.

“When we had to go out and make our next hire,” Goldworm said, “my CFO told me she didn’t feel like going through hundreds of resumes, and my chief engineer looked at me and said, ‘Why don’t we connect the podcasting technology to (our) Dialsafe technology, and build an automated interview product?’ ”

NirvanaJobs also provides advice for job seekers looking to sharpen their interviewing skills.

This includes staying calm, sounding confident and providing answers that reflect resumes.

Interviewees will be able to re-record interviews 10 times if need be, and can share interviews with colleagues who wish to give suggestions.

Researchers such as Robert Lount of Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business have underlined the importance of a first impression in building strong relationships. In an article titled “Getting Off on the Wrong Foot,” Lount and his colleagues report that “negative first impressions have much more impact than positive first impressions.”

It is the aim of NirvanaJobs that its product will offer prospective employees the opportunity to polish their first impression to its finest.

Goldworm said his product will be useful in today’s economy.

“Especially in an era when you put a small ad out and you get 2,500 responses. … When this whole crisis started, that would happen every day.”

Domestic services from NirvanaJobs range from $50 to $250, and international usage will cost users from $500 to $3,200.

NirvanaJobs is currently in the beta phase of development, though it is available for purchase at the company’s website,

“This turned out to be such a useful tool when we built it as an experiment for us,” concluded Goldworm. “We’re really excited to see how it functions for lots of other companies.”


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